Whodonut? Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle


Whodonut? Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

Introducing Hunt A Killer’s first-ever jigsaw puzzle game! Whodonut? has six blank pieces, a detective’s notebook, and an answer board, each vital to identifying the killer. You will have to analyze the puzzle to answer the questions in the notebook and unlock the final pieces needed to solve Fred Jackson Jr.’s murder.

Difficulty: 1/5 - Easy
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Difficulty: ♢♢♢♢
  • Eye for Detail: Especially close reading of the evidence

We’re staying true to form, and just like our other games, this is unlike any other jigsaw puzzle. Fred Jackson Jr., the co-owner of Do Not Not Donut was killed behind the counter while opening up the shop. You will assume the role of a deputized detective trying to finish the work of ace investigator, Detective Frage. Along the way, you’ll put the pieces together to reveal the crime scene, answer the lingering questions in the Detective’s Notebook, and choose the right pieces from the Answer Board to fill in the blanks and solve the case. 

  • This 1000-piece puzzle has a story behind it. First, you’ll solve the puzzle. As a deputized detective, you’ll also have a notebook that contains the details of the crime, information about the victim, and interviews with the three suspects.

  • The notebook contains six unanswered questions about the case. Answer them correctly to complete the puzzle and solve the murder.

  • This is not a traditional Hunt A Killer murder mystery game, it is a story-driven jigsaw puzzle!

This game is perfect for:

  • Detectives who love jigsaw puzzles!

  • Those looking for a game night, date night, or family night with a twist.

  • To bring along on a weekend getaway.

Do you have what it takes to Hunt A Killer? Immersive, story-driven board games for you to play alone or cooperatively. Sort through evidence, decode ciphers, piece together clues, and catch the killer. It's like an escape room delivered right to your door.

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Whodonut? Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle Reviews


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Tina P.  Verified Buyer

Puzzled by the puzzle.
We have done many of Hunt a Killer's games before and enjoyed several of them.  I'd recommend several other box sets before this one.  Here is our take on some of the key aspects:

Story:  We've always loved the writing for Hunt-a-Killer's stories and this time is no different.  The setup is fairly straight forward and of course all the suspects have a motive.  The extra tidbits from the detective are cute too.

Puzzle:  The idea of a puzzle is great and our family likes putting together puzzles, but this is a 1000 piece that gives you no guidance whatsoever (no picture/box/frame/etc) on what you're putting together.  It is definitely not a single night activity unless you're avid puzzlers.  

I think they didn't provide a picture so you couldn't see the whole picture before you solved the puzzle, but the lack of a picture made it very frustrating to make progress. The puzzle is beautiful and colorful, but the same or similar colors will be used in half a dozen separate places so you're never sure whether things should go together or a piece belongs in a whole other section.    

Puzzle Payoff:  This is probably where we were most disappointed.  We finally completed the puzzle and it felt there was almost no benefit to the case. In order to get the puzzle pieces that hold critical clues you need to answer questions about the case.  But if you are able to answer the questions in the book to get the puzzle pieces then you have pretty much already solved the case.

Overall:  We did enjoy discussing the case even if we got the wrong answer in the end.  The puzzle was more effort than it was worth, but I think it could work in the future.

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Cicely L.  Verified Buyer

Fun Mystery - be prepared to take some time on the jigsaw puzzle!
This game came out at the perfect time - just as we were going on a family trip. Three of us are big on jigsaw puzzles and we were able to finish the 1000 piece puzzle in three days (we did work on it as constant as we could since we were time limited). The biggest problem to a couple of us was not having a picture of the completed puzzle while doing the puzzle. Having completed the game I don’t think that having a picture of the completed puzzle would have harmed the game. That being said, we loved the mystery! It was fun and the tie-in to the jigsaw puzzle was a fun touch. We solved the mystery within a hour of finishing the puzzle. And the epilogue is a nice touch!! My suggestions would be to get this if you love jigsaw puzzles, and if a picture of the completed puzzle could be included that would be really helpful! (Maybe provide options of puzzles with less pieces, too!)

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Sara F.  Verified Buyer

There’s no image provided to put the puzzle together
The mystery part of this exercise is easy enough… but putting together a 1000 piece puzzle with no image to work towards? Good luck. We didn’t have the time or patience for that.

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Dylan S.  Verified Buyer

Super fun!
We loved this puzzle! Great story line, quick to read detective notes and a fun ending. Not too easy and nit too hard. Jyst fun. Liked that it could be completed in a couple days. Can't wait for more puzzles!!

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