Starstruck Box Set

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Starstruck Box Set

Just4Fun, a boy band from the early 2000s, planned to hold a reunion concert after years apart. During one of the rehearsals, Jake Morgan, the band’s frontman, died in a tragic stage accident. A superfan believes that Jake was murdered, and she’s willing to do anything to help you solve this case.

Difficulty: 1/5 - Easy
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Old price: $199.99

Difficulty: ♢♢♢♢
  • Self-Guided: Explore the story without being directed

Indulge your early 2000s nostalgia and solve a crime! Before a long-awaited reunion concert, the frontman of an early 2000s boy band unexpectedly dies. Police chalk it up to a tragic stage accident, but one superfan is convinced there is more to his untimely demise. Can you uncover the truth? Act now! 

  • Get all 6 boxes at once (that’s 10-15 hours of gameplay!). No subscription required.

  • Immerse yourself in the scandalous history and interpersonal drama of 2000s boy band Just4Fun.

  • This is our only investigation that contains no ciphers! You'll have to rely on your powers of deduction and observation to piece together this gripping murder mystery.

This Box Set is perfect for:

  • Transforming an ordinary game night into a thrilling murder investigation.

  • A family game night for players 13 years and older!

  • Detectives who want to try their hand at a murder mystery without the difficult ciphers!

  • Anyone who loves a good story and in-depth characters.

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Samantha S.  Verified Buyer

A Great Date Idea!
My boyfriend and I spent two weekends working on this case. We tend to take our time going through things, so it took us about 13 hours total. Some of the objectives were easier to solve than others, but this did not bother us. We had so much fun going through all of the material and really fleshing out the story of how and why Jake died that even if it did not take us long to come to a conclusion on the objective, it still took us about two hours per box to put all of the pieces together and reconcile new evidence with the story. Overall, we were very happy with this purchase and thoroughly enjoyed being able to play detective. We will definitely be purchasing more sets from HAK.

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