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Ghastly Bundle

Ghastly Manor, Nancy Drew: Mystery at Magnolia Gardens and TWO Hunt A Killer Hats

Empty Faces Binge Bundle

bundle that includes two box sets of Empty Faces at a discounted rate.

Single(s) Night Bundle

Whether you’re spending time with someone new, a few friends or treating yourself to a night in, we’ve bundled two of our newest games that can be solved in a single night!

Campfire Crime Bundle

This spooky bundle is perfect for campfire tales and includes the brand new game, Camp Calamity, along with the complete box set (all 6 boxes) of The Moon Summit Mystery. Prepare for murder, intrigue, and danger with these two murder mystery games.

Game Night Bundle

Channel your inner detective and dive headfirst into immersive, story-driven investigations with two murder mystery games that will have you hooked on Hunt A Killer! What’s better than trying your hand at one investigation? Solving two at a discounted price!

Sweethearts Bundle

Nothing is sweeter than a romantic gift packed with 7 unique date nights! Couples that hunt killers together stay together.

Back to Ghoul Bundle

Get two popular games at a dangerously low price. Toss the Class of ’98 Box Set and Ghastly Manor Premium game into your backpack and save big! Don’t wait. Get them while ghoul supplies last!

Hunt A Killer: Fanatics Bundle

+ Fine Art Foul Play + The Melancholy Killer + 1973 + two Hunt A Killer Hats.