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Jack H.  Verified Buyer

Great box
Good storyline, great level of difficulty. We loved the attention to detail needed to solve each box.

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Teri H.  Verified Buyer

The best!
This was the best of all of the Hunt a Killer cases I've solved. I've done quite a few now, and this one has a great story and the best swag.

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Colleen L.  Verified Buyer

Moon Summit
We really enjoyed Moon Summit  We have done several now and we can’t get enough. So much fun. I feel like I could solve cold cases now 😂😂😀

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Tiffany S.  Verified Buyer

Each box was a thrill!
This complete box set was our first purchase of HAK, and we really didn't know what to expect. The details were exquisite - maps, evidence, police reports, codes, and videos. The difficulty was just right for us, as a first experience, and the story was very engaging. We liked that there was not just evidence in a box, but info for us on the investigative desktop, too. Kudos to the actors that brought the characters to life. We are really looking forward to our next adventure with HAK!

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Trace W.  Verified Buyer

First Time Playing - I Am Hooked!
This was my first mystery! I have seen YouTube videos of HAK and I really wanted to get into myself. I decided to start with this box set! I am a college student and work on a large staff with other college students so I knew that a handful of us would love to find some time to play this together! With a group of about 6-7 playing at one time. We were able to finish the entire box in about 6 hours of total gameplay. I can totally see this being more difficult with smaller groups but with so many of us, it presented a great challenge but not a frustrating one. It was an absolute blast, and we are going to get another box set soon! Looking for more challenging ones!

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