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Jackie K.  Verified Buyer

Worth the money
Be okay to spend two days trying to solve this one. It is an excellent mystery with fun puzzles and lots of attention to detail. My family and I had so much fun solving this one. I highly recommend this one and would give this as a gift.

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Edna m.  Verified Buyer

Most Excellent Family Game Night
Bought this for some quality time with my neices and family. Although some of us feel asleep during the time we were trying to solve the puzzle, we did plow through. We collaborated, divided and conquered and came up with who dunit. Such great fun. It only took us about 6 hours!

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Pamala G.  Verified Buyer

Wow… insane!
There isn’t anything to not like about this box.  The attention to detail is superior!  This is my first box and I’m so glad I decided to purchase it!   I haven’t regretted it…not one second!!  

It a little difficult, but if it was too easy it wouldn’t be fun.

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Amy P.  Verified Buyer

Better than the original story!
This was absolutely worth the wait!

The objects here are so detailed and high-quality, the locked trunk is a very cool touch, and the mystery is fresh for even Agatha Christie fans familiar with the short story it’s based on. I happened to read the story afterwards and I can honestly say that A) the story is different, so even if you know the original story, the way things play out is very different, and B) I honestly think I much prefer the HAK version of this story! There’s a lot more depth, twists, and detail here. You feel very immersed in the time period.

This was the first HAK box I purchased for a date night, and it definitely got us hooked!

The HAK team were also kind enough to add a coupon to make up for the delay. We really appreciate it, and we’re excited to solve more mysteries!

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Catherine G.  Verified Buyer

Challenging, cool props, authentic story
I found the case to be very challenging, but doable even without any hints. The wood box with locked drawer was very cool, as were all the props inside. It was impressive the amount of detail that went into the story in terms of historical details, some of which dovetail with actual events during that era.  Any time I looked up some detail in the case online, it seemed there was some real-life aspect to it.  Definitely worth it.

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