Month Of Mystery

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Mystery Box

Includes up to $100 worth of Hunt A Killer gear and keepsakes from our favorite cases.

Starstruck Box Set

Just4Fun, a boy band from the early 2000s, planned to hold a reunion concert after years apart. During one of the rehearsals, Jake Morgan, the band’s frontman, died in a tragic stage accident. A superfan believes that Jake was murdered, and she’s willing to do anything to help you solve this case.

Difficulty: 1/5 - Easy

1973 Remastered Premium Game

FLUF, a not-so-popular 1970s rock band, emerged from obscurity after their lead singer, Darryl Fanton, was brutally murdered. Police claim to have solved the case but things just don't add up. Many people speculate that the killer may still be out there…

Difficulty: 4/5 - Medium

The Moon Summit Mystery Box Set

A graduate student appears to have died from a fatal bear attack while on a scientific expedition in Moon Summit Park, Alaska. Although the case closed in the summer of 2018, a friend thinks there might be something strange surrounding his death. Was Toby murdered? If so, why—and by whom?

Difficulty: 3/5 - Medium

Hunt A Killer Membership: 6-Month Pre-Pay Subscription

This is the most popular Hunt A Killer subscription option.

Killer Book Bundle

Perfect Score, Detective's Puzzle Book, and The Killer Cocktail Book

Award Winning Game Night Bundle

Channel your inner detective and dive headfirst into immersive, story-driven investigations with three murder mystery games that will have you hooked on Hunt A Killer! What’s better than trying your hand at one investigation? Solving three at a discounted price! We’ve paired three of our award winning games that can be solved in one night, Death At The Dive Bar, Whodonut?, & Body on the Boardwalk! -

Back to Ghoul Bundle

Get two popular games at a dangerously low price. Toss the Class of ’98 Box Set and Ghastly Manor Premium game into your backpack and save big! Don’t wait. Get them while ghoul supplies last!

Haunted Woods Bundle

Can you survive the woods? Uncover the history of Burkittsville with two terrifying Blair Witch Box Sets! But beware…these mysteries are challenging, creepy, and terrifyingly fun. This offer is only available for a limited time, so act now! Welcome back to Burkittsville.

Camp Calamity Premium Game

The week before a session at Camp Ashburne, the counselors meet for a bonfire but when they return the next morning, they find one of the counselors lying dead in the embers of the fire. The death is ruled an accident. However, in the course of cleaning out a cabin, the camp owner’s daughter finds evidence that suggests the death was a homicide.

Difficulty: 4/5 - Medium


The Cosmic Adventures of Supernova’s series creator, Gunny Graham, reveals that the hero of his comic is not only a real person, but his twin sister, Halo. Gunny lost contact with his sister after a brutal battle on an alien planet with her arch nemesis, The Void. Now, Gunny needs your help finding his sister before it is too late.

Difficulty: 3/5 - Medium

Agatha Christie's The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge

Hunt A Killer has partnered with the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie, to bring you our most exciting Premium game yet! The Mystery of Hunter’s Lodge is a must-have for fans of true crime, murder mysteries, and Agatha Christie. Solve puzzles, piece together clues, and delve into the world of mystery and intrigue.

Difficulty: 3/5 - Medium