Jelly Filled Donut Bundle

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Jelly Filled Donut Bundle

We’ve paired one of our most popular games that can be solved in one night, Death At The Dive Bar, with Whodonut? - If you're a fan of the classics, like jelly filled donuts, this bundle is perfect for you!
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Old price: $61.98

Celebrate Donut Day with TWO murder mysteries! Try your hand at our first-ever murder mystery jigsaw puzzle. This donut-themed game is unlike any other Hunt A Killer experience! Then, dive into one of our most popular games that can be solved in one night. This murder mystery is just about as classic as a jelly filled donut! 

  • You'll receive TWO murder mystery games, Whodonut? and Death At The Dive Bar!

  • Receive two games that can be played in one night (that's 5-10 hours of gameplay total!)

  • Mom can solve these investigations alone, or play together for the perfect date night.

  • Immerse yourself in two unique worlds. Discover clues, decode ciphers, and solve puzzles to unravel the mystery. It's like an escape room delivered to your door!


Difficulty: ♢♢♢♢
  • Eye for Detail: Especially close reading of the evidence

Fred Jackson Jr., the co-owner of Do Not Not Donut was killed behind the counter while opening up the shop. You will assume the role of a deputized detective trying to finish the work of ace investigator, Detective Frage. Along the way, you’ll put the pieces together to reveal the crime scene, answer the lingering questions in the Detective’s Notebook, and choose the right pieces from the Answer Board to fill in the blanks and solve the case. 

  • This 1000-piece puzzle has a story behind it. First, you’ll solve the puzzle. As a deputized detective, you’ll also have a notebook that contains the details of the crime, information about the victim, and interviews with the three suspects.

  • The notebook contains six unanswered questions about the case. Answer them correctly to complete the puzzle and solve the murder.

  • This is not a traditional Hunt A Killer murder mystery game, it is a story-driven jigsaw puzzle!


  • Challenging Ciphers: At least one challenging code or cipher

A murder at the local dive bar. A mysterious, masked figure. A small town full of suspects. When owner Nick Webster falls from a cliff behind his roadside tavern, his death is ruled an accident, but one of his employees suspects foul play and she needs your help to prove it.

  • Each suspect has a detailed backstory, distinct handwriting, and other forensic details that will help you eliminate them from your list of suspects.
  • Every puzzle will unlock details about the events and characters that were involved in the murder of Nick Webster.
  • Sort through testimonials, create timelines, pore over evidence, and confirm alibis to crack the case and catch the killer.
  • In this all-in-one box, you’ll enjoy 45-60 minutes of gameplay, no subscription required.

Do you have what it takes to Hunt A Killer? Dive into immersive, story-driven board games for you to play alone or cooperatively. Sort through evidence, decode ciphers, piece together clues, and catch the killer. It's like an escape room delivered right to your door.

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