Hunt A Killer: Main Street Murder Bundle


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Hunt A Killer: Main Street Murder Bundle

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Get TWO of Hunt A Killer's most accessible premium experiences for one low price with a Murder Board to boot! And if that's not enough, we also have thrown in our original Killer Cocktails recipe book so you can try your hand at both criminology and mixology all in the same night! This bundle has so many extras in it, you can basically order it and relax for the rest of the holiday shopping season.

This bundle includes: 

  • Hawthorn Junction Premium Experience
  • Baker's Dozen Premium Experience
  • Murder Board Kit
  • Killer Cocktails Recipe Book
  • 2 $25 Hunt A Killer Gift Cards
  • Hunt A Killer Baseball Cap


Hawthorn Junction

This is the perfect introduction for anyone looking to experiment with homicide investigation. A string of disappearances in the blue-collar town of Hawthorn Junction have gone overlooked. As the town’s newest resident, you will have to decide who to trust. Everyone is a suspect. Can you unravel the mystery and restore peace to this quaint, rural town? 

  • In this all-in-one box, you’ll receive a “welcome package” that holds the keys to solving the string of disappearances that have plagued Hawthorn Junction. That's 3-6 hours of gameplay, no subscription required.
  • Immerse yourself in your new neighborhood and learn more about its inhabitants through ciphersclues, and puzzles. It’s like an escape room in a box!
  • Our writers have created an entire fictional town for you to explore. In your box you’ll find a map of Hawthorn Junction, a Blue Lizzy hat and tote bag, along with items from local merchants. Each item somehow relates to the overall mystery, and it’s up to you to find out how.

This box is perfect for: 

  • Transforming an ordinary holiday get-together into a thrilling murder investigation.
  • unique gift for the aspiring detective in your life.
  • The True Crime fanatic who has always wondered if they could solve a murder.

Baker's Dozen

A contestant is planning to poison a judge on one of America's greatest baking shows and you are the only one who can stop them. Can you rise to the occasion and catch the killer before the final course is served?

  • In this all-in-one box you'll have the chance to stop a killer before they strike. That's 3-5 hours of gameplay, no subscription required.
  • Uncover the motives of each contestant through ciphers, clues, and puzzles that progress the story to its thrilling conclusion.
  • Finally, a Hunt A Killer experience that you can play with the whole family. While parental guidance is advised, this box is the perfect opportunity to hone your young sleuth's investigative skills.

This box is perfect for:

  • True-crime lovers with a sweet tooth (it even includes 5 delicious cake recipes concocted in the Hunt A Killer Test Kitchen).
  • Get-togethers during the holiday season. Nothing brings family and friends together like murder (and pie)!
  • The perfect gift for the smart cookie in your life (maybe they'll even let you take a stab as their sous chef).


Killer Cocktails Recipe Book

In addition to telling immersive stories, Hunt A Killer has teamed up with Seattle bartender Conner Donovan to produce “Killer Cocktails,” a book of 14 takes on old bar classics with thrilling twists. The book has just what you need to warm up your powers of deduction with cocktails for beginners and seasoned mixologists. Try your hand at the Modus Operandi (a modified Negroni with a splash of port and bitters) or the more tiki style Butcher Bird with Campari and light rum agricole. This book is sure to claim a prominent spot in any detective’s kitchen.

Murder Board Kit

Build your investigation and showcase your detective skills with the OFFICIAL Hunt A Killer Murder Board Kit. Develop your theories, make connections, and find the killer by visualizing the evidence, the suspects, and the ties that explain what happened and why.

Each kit comes with the following:

  • 6 cork board tiles (12"x12" each)! Configure your board however best fits your detective style
  • 2 detective highlighters
  • 1 bundle of yarn
  • 5 evidence protective sheets
  • 1 package of 20 push pins
  • 1 pack of sticky flags
  • Simple wall adhesive to affix your board to a wall