Initiation: Serial Killer Puzzle Box Set

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Initiation: Serial Killer Puzzle Box Set

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Old price: $165.00

Originally released in January 2018, this self-directed storyline is perfect for an expert detective looking to level up their crime solving skills. Meet your new friend and pen pal, Jasper Flowers. This clock aficionado and former jewelry repair shop employee is currently incarcerated at Listening Friends of America’s Boseman Facility after being convicted of murder and dismemberment. Is he innocent or plotting something much worse?

  • Receive all 6 episodes at once (that's 10-15 hours of gameplay), no subscription required.

  • Correspond directly with a convicted serial killer. 

  • Use your cunning to decode the cryptic messages from your new pen pal, solve his puzzles, and stop him before he can kill again.

This box set is perfect for:

  • Seasoned detectives that are looking for a challenging investigation.

  • A unique gift for the true crime fanatic in your life.

  • Transforming an ordinary game night into a thrilling murder mystery.

Warning: This is one of the darkest and most macabre seasons of Hunt A Killer. Player discretion is advised.

Meet your new friend, Jasper Flowers. Jasper is a clock aficionado and former jewelry repair shop employee. Convicted of murder and dismemberment, Jasper is currently incarcerated at Listening Friends of America’s Boseman Facility.

Jasper’s former boss believes he is innocent and longs to see him walk free, while the head of LFOA is convinced Jasper is guilty—and that he is plotting something much worse.


Please note: As with all Hunt A Killer seasons released prior to 2019, Initiation gameplay involves letters from an incarcerated killer, not a private investigator.

Initiation includes graphic content, including video content, that may be unsuitable for younger players and/or triggering for some individuals.

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