Ghastly Manor: Ghost Hunting Adventure Game


Ghastly Manor: Ghost Hunting Adventure Game

Bring family and friends to the party, take date night to new levels, or go it alone! Ghastly Manor brings spookiness with ghosts, puzzles, and a mystery to be solved. Want an escape room you can do from home with the whole family? It’s time to Hunt A Killer (or a specter)!
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Your expert team of ghost hunters has been called in to investigate an old inn that is being haunted by five ghosts. But this job may be more than what you bargained for and if you’re not careful you’ll be joining their ranks! Explore the manor, uncover their weaknesses, and banish them to the beyond!

  • In this all-in-one box, you will need to keep nerves and wits in order to survive the night. It's 90 minutes of gripping gameplay, no subscription required.
  • You will have to channel your inner paranormal investigator. Find each ghost, discover what keeps them tethered to the physical plane, and answer their riddles to rid the manor of its infestation!
  • You will need to use items to interact with ghosts, decipher hidden codes, and make decisions that are life or death!

This box is perfect for:

  • Ghost hunters stuck inside a manor.
  • A group adventure with your trusty crew.
  • A gift for those who enjoy a spooky challenge.

An eerie mansion, messages from beyond, and life or death choices. The only way to get rid of the ghosts? Unravel their secrets and answer the questions that keep them there. Answer incorrectly... and, well, don't answer incorrectly. Can you get rid of all five ghosts before time is up? Or will you join the ghosts haunting the manor?

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