Hunt A Killer: Fanatics Bundle

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Hunt A Killer: Fanatics Bundle

+ Fine Art Foul Play + The Melancholy Killer + 1973 + two Hunt A Killer Hats.
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Old price: $566.97

You know who you are… you're listening to a true crime podcast as you’re reading this, you’ve got a murder board set up in your living room, and you’re on your third season of Hunt A Killer. Well this bundle was made for you. We have coupled two of our most challenging premium experiences and packaged them up with Hunt A Killer swag and our brand new premium box, Fine Art Foul Play. With up to 25 hours of content (depending on your sleuthing skills) this bundle is well worth the price, boasting a great discount!

Warm up your powers of deduction with the old-fashioned whodunnit of Fine Art Foul Play where you will try to clear the name of an innocent woman who has confessed to killing her eccentric art-collecting mother.

Then, crack open the case of Edgar Lee Dwyer, the accused serial killer who captured the imagination of the country with his coast-to-coast killing spree in The Melancholy Killer. Is Edgar really who the media has made him out to be?

And finally hop into your VW bug and head back the 70’s to solve the case of the popular cult band FLUF whose popularity skyrocketed after their lead singer was found brutally murdered.

This special discounted bundle is only available to a select few so don’t miss your chance to snag these three premium experiences at this unbelievably low price.

  • You’ll receive The Melancholy Killer, 1973 and Fine Art Foul Play, and two Hunt A Killer Hats.
  • Can’t play all of these amazing games by yourself? Consider this bundle a one-stop shop for your holiday shopping this year.
  • 1973 and The Melancholy Killer are two of our longer experiences and Fine Art, Foul Play averages 2-3 hours, with the bundle totalling up to 25 hours of immersive gameplay.
  • Take on the adventures alone, with a friend, or as the centerpiece for the whole family’s holiday gatherings
  • Discover clues, decode ciphers, and solve puzzles to progress the story. It's like an escape room delivered to your door!

Fine Art Foul Play

A deductive reasoning mystery game that is great for players of any level! Do not miss your chance to get the newest premium experience from Hunt A Killer to play over the holidays or give as the perfect gift. When the matriarch of a family of artists is found dead at the opening of her art exhibit, you must identify who within her circle is the killer. You must act fast though; her daughter has been accused of the crime and her trial is rapidly approaching!

  • In this all-in-one box you’ll take on the role of an experienced but out-of-practice private investigator and review clues to rule out suspects. It's 2-5 hours of gameplay, no subscription required.

  • Rule out suspects based on their lack of means, motive, or opportunity. Review fingerprints, handwriting, lab reports, and deductive reason to progress the story to its thrilling conclusion.

  • Fun for the whole family! While parental guidance is advised, this box is great for players of any level

The Melancholy Killer

The most requested and sought after Hunt A Killer premium experience is BACK by popular demand. In this story by Peter Gillespie (America’s Most Wanted), a convicted serial killer mysteriously leaves you his belongings after being murdered in prison. Thousands of people believed he was innocent and as protests erupt around the country, it is up to you to solve the mystery of the Melancholy Killer.

  • In this all-in-one box, you’ll examine the life of Edward Lee Dwyer and the prison riot that led to his death. It’s 5-7 hours of gameplay, no subscription required.

  • Solve puzzles, examine clues, and decrypt ciphers to unveil the truth about the coast-to-coast murders.

  • The Melancholy Killer’s personal briefcase will be delivered to your door. Inside lies a "Free Edgar" poster, his personal chapbook of poems written during his time on the road, official prison documents, and other personal belongings from the hands of the serial killer.

1973: Remastered

Considered the most challenging all-in-one experience, this box is packed with high quality items, easter eggs, and the most intricate premium investigation that Hunt A Killer has to offer. After the murder of their lead singer Darryl Fanton, FLUF became one of the most popular cult bands of the 1970’s. Although the police ruled it an open and shut case, there are still many unanswered questions and loose ends. 25 years after the murder, can you finally close the case of 1973? 

  • In this all-in-one box you will uncover the hidden story of a legendary rock group cut down in its prime by a gruesome murder. Clocking in at 6-10 hours, this is our longest premium experience, no subscription required.
  • Solve puzzles, examine clues, and decrypt ciphers to finally serve justice in this decades old cold-case.
  • This box includes an original album, a FLUF bandana, and other memorabilia that fully immerses you into the story. Each item relates to the overall mystery and it's up to you to find out how.

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