Class of '98: Mystery Killer Box Set


Class of '98: Mystery Killer Box Set

Do you have what it takes to Hunt A Killer? Immersive, story-driven board games for you to play alone or cooperatively. Sort through evidence, decode ciphers, piece together clues, and catch the killer. It's like an escape room delivered right to your door.
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When a small-town class reunion turns deadly, a private investigator reaches out to you to help find the killer. What secrets are the seemingly innocent citizens of Chestnut Falls hiding?

  • Get all 6 boxes at once (that’s 10-15 hours of gameplay!). No subscription required.
  • Immerse yourself in the small town of Chestnut Falls, uncover secret relationships between the suspects and victim, and solve the murder of the Class of ‘98.
  • Decode ciphers and solve puzzles to understand the true motivations of the suspects. Be the main character in a gripping murder mystery!  

This box set is perfect for:

  • Transforming an ordinary night-in into a thrilling murder investigation.
  • A unique gift for the aspiring detective in your life.
  • The True Crime fanatic who has always wondered if they could solve a murder.

Charles MacDonagh, known to his friends and family as “Charlie Mac,” was killed on the night of his high school reunion in the small town of Chestnut Falls, Illinois. The prime suspects? Charlie’s former friends from high school who attended the reunion. The Class of 1998’s ragtag group called the “Hacky Pack” were once close friends but relationships have changed over the years. During this ongoing investigation, use evidence to uncover critical clues, corroborate alibis, and identify each suspect’s motivation, means, and opportunity. It’s up to you to learn what really happened on the night of the reunion...

"I will say I really enjoy the representation in these cases. It's really understated just how diverse this cast is and the people recognized therein. It really feels like these are people that you care for and think about and worry about as the case progresses. You really feel for the victim and the people around them." - Hal P.

"We love Hunt A Killer! It is an incredible way to spend a date night after the kids go to bed. We have already recommended to everyone we know!" - Bethany R.

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