Hunt A Killer: 1973 - Remastered


Hunt A Killer: 1973 - Remastered

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Considered the most challenging all-in-one experience, this box is packed with high quality items, easter eggs, and the most intricate premium investigation that Hunt A Killer has to offer. After the murder of their lead singer Darryl Fanton, FLUF became one of the most popular cult bands of the 1970’s. While the police ruled it an open and shut case, there are still many unanswered questions and loose ends. 25 years after the murder, can you finally close the case of 1973? 

  • In this all-in-one box you will uncover the hidden story of a legendary rock group cut down in its prime by a gruesome murder. This is our longest premium experience clocking in at 6-10 hours, no subscription required.
  • Solve puzzles, examine clues, and decrypt ciphers to finally serve justice in this decades old cold-case. 
  • This box includes an original album, a FLUF bandana, and other memorabilia that fully immerses you into the story. Each item somehow relates to the overall mystery, and it's up to you to find out how.

This box is perfect for:

  • The True Crime fanatic who is looking to lose themselves in an extensive investigation.
  • A gift for the sleuth who has everything.
  • Group investigations on Date Night or Game Night with a dedicated crew.


FLUF, a not-so-popular 1970s rock band, Emerged from obscurity after their lead singer, Darryl Fanton, was brutally murdered. Police claim to have solved the case, but things just don't add up. Many people speculate that the killer may still be out there…