Empty Faces The Mine: Paranormal Game


Empty Faces The Mine: Paranormal Game

Do you have what it takes to Hunt A Killer? Immersive, story-driven board games for you to play alone or cooperatively. Sort through evidence, decode ciphers, piece together clues, and catch the killer. It's like an escape room delivered right to your door.
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It's Back!!  After being out-of-stock the makers of Hunt A Killer are again offering the complete season of their paranormal tabletop experience! This limited edition box set is perfect for those looking for a more supernatural investigation. 

  • Get all 5 boxes at once (that’s 10-15 hours of gameplay!) at one low price.

  • Immerse yourself in the paranormal world of Empty Faces where you become a character in a story unlike any other. 

  • Discover clues, decode ciphers, and solve puzzles to solve the mystery. It's like an escape room delivered to your door!

This box set is perfect for:

  • Get together for game night with the crew.
  • Date night whithout having to leave your house!
  • An early holiday gift for the paranormal investigator in your life.


Strange phenomena have always plagued the town of Cooper’s Rock. Now, it seems the eerie occurrences troubling the local museum may be related to a devastating disaster in the town’s past. You’ll have to sort through historical documents for proof of human wrong-doing, and use otherworldly artifacts to fight against the supernatural forces threatening to overrun the town.

"This game is totally addicting! It's the perfect blend of puzzles and the paranormal, I would give it 10 stars if I could." - Jeannette S.

"Hours upon hours of masterful suspense. My 17 year old daughter and I are addicted to everything about this experience. I recommend Empty Faces to all who are up for a suspenseful gameplay event for the family." - April T.

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