Campfire Crime Bundle

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Campfire Crime Bundle

This spooky bundle is perfect for campfire tales and includes the brand new game, Camp Calamity, along with the complete box set (all 6 boxes) of The Moon Summit Mystery. Prepare for murder, intrigue, and danger with these two murder mystery games.
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Old price: $278.00

This Friday the 13th, bundle up and save on two bone-chilling crime games with our 33% off HAK Friday discount! We take game night to a whole new level with cases to solve and killers to catch. Play solo, or get friends, family, and all your websleuths together to crack these cases.

For those who love campfire tales, puzzle solving, and true crime, we have you covered. The quiet serenity of Camp Ashburne goes up in smoke when one of the camp counselors is found dead. Break out of your cabin fever with our brand new game, Camp Calamity. Follow the evidence, find the clues, and discover the terrifying truth behind the mysterious death.

Next, take the campout on the road to the wintery peaks of Alaska. The full box set of Moon Summit Mystery tasks you with solving a death blamed on local wildlife. A graduate student is found dead on an expedition at Moon Summit National Park. Is this a simple case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or is there something more sinister afoot?

  • This murder mystery game bundle includes Camp Calamity and Moon Summit Mystery.

  • Get TWO games worth over 20 hours of content with a killer discount. No subscription required.

  • For date night activities and solo puzzle solvers alike, these games can be enjoyed by internet sleuths with a love for escape rooms.

  • Discover clues, decode ciphers, and solve puzzles to progress the story and learn the truth! Bring the escape room home with Hunt a Killer.


Be the first to play Hunt A Killer's newest Premium Game, Camp Calamity, just in time for summer! When the staff of Camp Ashburne find a counselor’s charred remains in the embers of last night’s bonfire, the authorities are quick to rule it an unfortunate accident. However, one of the counselors discovers new evidence that suggests it wasn’t an accident, and she needs you to help her prove it. Do you have what it takes to bring the killer to justice?

Age: 13+
Genre: Murder Mystery
Players: 1+
How Long to Solve: 3-5 hours


  • In this all-in-one box, you’ll review suspects’ statements and comb through evidence to determine the means, motives, and opportunities of each suspect.

  • Solve puzzles that will test your critical thinking, powers of deduction, and code cracking skills.

  • Use your cunning to unlock new evidence by discovering hidden messages that progress you through a gripping murder mystery where nothing is as it seems.

Perfect For:

  • Families recovering from 2020, looking to prevent cabin fever

  • Gifting to the seasoned detective or first-time sleuth in your life

  • Elevating your date night or game night with a unique story-driven experience

The week before a session at Camp Ashburne, the counselors meet for a bonfire. but when they return the next morning, they find one of the counselors lying dead in the embers of the fire. The death is ruled an accident. Brad was drunk, tripped, and fell, hitting his head and suffering burns from the fire. However, in the course of cleaning out a cabin, the camp owner’s daughter finds some evidence that suggests the death was a homicide. Unable to let the incident go, and horrified by the thought that she might be spending the rest of the summer with a killer, she sends all the evidence she can find about the incident to a private investigator.


Welcome to Moon Summit National Park, detective! When a graduate student is found dead during an expedition in Alaska, his death is blamed on local wildlife. But suspicious discrepancies at the scene point to foul play...

  • Get all 6 boxes at once (that’s 10-15 hours of gameplay!). No subscription required.
  • Reconstruct the movements, motivations, and opportunities of all of the members of the expedition in Moon Summit Park to bring Toby's killer to justice.
  • Decode ciphers and solve puzzles to understand the true motivations of the suspects. Be the main character in a gripping murder mystery!

This box set is perfect for;

  • Transforming an ordinary night-in into a thrilling murder investigation.
  • unique gift for the aspiring detective in your life.
  • The True Crime fanatic who has always wondered if they could solve a murder.

Private Investigator Michelle Gray has another baffling case on her hands and she needs your help. A graduate student named Toby Mendia appears to have died from a fatal bear attack while on a scientific expedition in Moon Summit Park, Alaska. Although the case closed in the summer of 2018, a friend of Toby’s has reached out to Michelle thinking there might be something strange surrounding his death. Was Toby murdered? If so, why—and by whom?