PRE-SALE: Camp Calamity

Old price: $59.99

PRE-SALE: Camp Calamity

We have a limited supply of first editions landing soon. Save your spot in line and be one of the first to play by claiming your pre-order. Oh....did we mention, you save $10 if you order as part of the pre-order.

Orders will ship by the end of July.
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Old price: $59.99

Be the first to play Hunt A Killer's newest Premium Game just in time for Summer when you pre-order Camp Calamity! When the staff of Camp Ashburne find a counselor’s charred remains in the embers of last night’s bonfire, the authorities are quick to rule it as an unfortunate accident. However, when one of the counselors discovers new evidence that suggests it wasn’t an accident--and she needs you to help her prove it.

Do you have what it takes to bring the killer to justice?

Age: 13+
Genre: Murder Mystery
Players: 1+
How Long To Solve: 3-5 hours


  • In this all-in-one box, you’ll review suspects’ statements and comb through evidence to determine the means, motives, and opportunities of each suspect.

  • Solve puzzles that will test your critical thinking, powers of deduction, and code cracking skills.

  • Use your cunning to unlock new evidence by discovering hidden messages that progress you through a gripping murder mystery where nothing is as it seems.

Perfect For:

  • Families recovering from 2020, looking to prevent cabin fever.

  • Gifting to the seasoned detective or first-time sleuth in your life.

  • Elevating your Date Night or Game Night with a unique story-driven experience.

The week before a session at Camp Ashburne, the counselors meet for a bonfire. but when they return the next morning, they find one of the counselors, lying dead in the embers of the fire. The death is ruled an accident. Brad was drunk, tripped and fell, hitting his head and suffering burns from the fire. However, in the course of cleaning out a cabin the camp owner’s daughter finds some evidence that suggests the death was a homicide. Unable to let the incident go, and horrified by the thought that she might be spending the rest of the summer with a killer, she sends all the evidence she can find about the incident to a private investigator.