Blair Witch (Season 1) Box Set

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Blair Witch (Season 1) Box Set

Rosemary Kent needs your help to find her 15-year-old son Liam. Liam disappeared months ago and the police aren’t doing much to help. Get lost in the woods to uncover the truth about recent disappearances and the supernatural forces behind them.

Difficulty: 3/5 - Medium
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Old price: $195.00

Difficulty: ♦♦♦♢♢
  • Eye for Detail: Especially close reading of the evidence
  • Challenging Ciphers: At least one challenging code or cipher
  • Self-Guided: Explore the story without being directed

Hunt A Killer’s horror season, Blair Witch, is now available as a terrifying box set! This self-directed storyline is perfect for experienced detectives looking to test their skills against the supernatural forces that lurk in the woods. When Rosemary Kent’s son, Liam, goes missing under mysterious circumstances, she looks to you to help uncover the truth and find her son. The Burkittsville police deem Liam a runaway, but Rosemary thinks something far worse may have happened in the Black Hills Forest. Can you survive the woods?

  • Receive all 6 episodes at once (that's 10-15 hours of gameplay!). No subscription required.

  • Experience the supernatural forces of the Blair Witch like never before in this narrative-driven psychological thriller.

  • Use your detective skills to decode ciphers, solve cryptic puzzles, and uncover the history of Burkittsville.

This box set is perfect for:

  • Transforming an ordinary game night into a terrifying investigation.

  • A unique gift for an aspiring detective looking to overcome the malevolent forces of the woods.

  • Horror fans who have always wondered if they have what it takes to solve a mystery.

Do you have what it takes to Hunt A Killer? Immersive, story-driven board games for you to play alone or cooperatively. Sort through evidence, decode ciphers, piece together clues, and catch the killer. It's like an escape room delivered right to your door.

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Blair Witch (Season 1) Box Set Reviews


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Tim Z.  Verified Buyer

A decent (but not the greatest) horror mystery...
**NO SPOILERS** I just finished the Blair Witch - Season 1. It's a decent mystery revolving around the disappearances (abductions?) of children from a local family living near the infamous forest & town from "The Blair Witch" movie. The game involves reading through clues and solving puzzles and ciphers to continue the story. It's not their best mystery game and certainly not their scariest. I would only recommend this if you're a fan of the movies OR if you enjoy PG-rated ghost stories.
What I liked:
1) The props and documents included in each episode are very well done and high quality.
2) The codes and puzzles are very challenging. I found this game to be harder than most other Hunt A Killer titles I played. The online hints were needed and done in a way that it doesn't give everything away. (I'm not ashamed to say I used it 3 times over 6 episodes.) Yet this game can easily be completed over a weekend.
3) The additions to "The Blair Witch" lore are very well done and fans of the movies will approve. This game is a nice continuation to that legend and I would recommend watching the original movie before you start.
4) The digital content (as well as the voice acting) of the episodes (the mother's website, the SuperNeutral podcasts, etc) are also very well done. Note: you will need a computer AND a smartphone to play this mystery. I would also buy a cheap UV flashlight.

What I didn't like:
1) Some of the game, while challenging, is dense and convoluted. The puzzles require more luck than skill to solve. And once solved, MOST of the coded messages add little to the game or story. There's really no payoff.
2.) The actual mystery itself & the plot of this game are pretty weak. Episodes 1 & 2 are the best but the story seems to lose steam after that. It also seems like they really didn't know how to end the story so again the payoff isn't there.
3.) If you buy this as a box set and complete the game in 1-2 sessions (like I did) you will miss out on the weblinks that are sent to you containing the Super Neutral podcasts. I would recommend spacing the game out over 3-5 nights making sure to look over your email spam folder.
4.) Finally and most importantly, this is supposed to be a HORROR GAME but I never felt the scary atmosphere that its going for. Perhaps if the game had more creepy videos and photos it would have added more of a horror element and a sense of dread. I would say this is just a PG-rated ghost story in the end. Decent but could have been great...and really scary.

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Donna W.  Verified Buyer

Great Saturday night fun time
Me and my wife have been working on the one. It is very challenging and a lot of fun. I would recommend this one.

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Chris F.  Verified Buyer

Great Game with Unsatisfying Ending
My roommates and I looked for something fun to do during the pandemic.  This game did not disappoint - it was tremendous fun.  It was like going out to a new escape room every week, at a reasonable price.  
There was so much evidence.  Some parts which were critically important, some parts which were fun to solve but had nothing to do with the eventual answer, some parts which were incredibly difficult, some parts which were very hard to read, but most importantly it was all fun to solve.  
Because there were four of us, I can say that there was something for each of us.  I for example am terrible at cryptograms but others in my group were great at them, so each of us helped out at times. Then I was good at reading maps and they weren't great at that.  The items that came with the game were VERY high quality, a lot of fun and really made this a real experience. It even came with a hat that I wear so - free hat.
My only disappointment was the ending.  I'm not going to spoil what the ending is, and parts of it were great, but it just...ended.  I wasn't sure if the game was over and we kept waiting for something else to happen to say the game was truly over.  We kept trying to see if we were supposed to do something else.
I wouldn't let that detract from the overall experience.  Ten out of ten experience only slightly ruined by the flat ending.

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Samuel C.  Verified Buyer

A Great Introduction to Hunt a Killer!
As a fan of Blair Witch who had been eyeing Hunt a Killer for awhile, this box set was too much to pass up. I was thrilled with the engaging story and puzzles and ciphers. As this was my first experience with Hunt a Killer I think the difficulty was just right for someone dipping their toes in the water but who also enjoys a challenge.

One thing to note, spoiler free, there is one instance in particular that certain text is particularly hard to make out, if you need glasses to read or have trouble reading in low light then don't be afraid to use the hints!

All in all, having finished this Season about 20 minutes ago, I am thoroughly satisfied with my experience.

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